Do Non-Profit, Private Schools Need Donations?

Why Would a Private School Need Fundraisers?

It is no secret that attending an independent school usually comes with paying tuition. One might even think that with these streams of money coming in, private schools would be set for the school year (and beyond!). So, if you are here you may be wondering, “Why would a school that receives tuition per child require community donations or support?” That is a great question and one we would be happy to answer!

The Gap and Overhead Costs

Did you know that at most private schools, Oak Creek Academy included, tuition does not actually cover the full cost of educating a student? This discrepancy between funds received through tuition and the full financial demands of a private school is often called “the gap” – this difference can sometimes be quite large. In fact, for some private schools the gap is large enough that they would be unable to remain open without the contributions from sponsors and donors. Furthermore, most private schools are classified as non-profit organizations, meaning they get ZERO government funding or support. Oak Creek Academy tuition costs fall below the state average for private schools – and there is not another school like OCA in central Texas. 

You may still be wondering, “Okay, but where does the money actually go?” The hard reality is that the overhead of running a school is quite significant. From faculty and staff salaries, to facility maintenance and operations, utilities, upgrading or replacing out of date or broken heating and cooling systems, daily supplies such as toiletries and cleaning products, sanitation and cleaning of the school, field trips, school events, training and staff development, providing and upgrading technologies, etc. all means the cash flow is larger than one would ever imagine. So where are they going to get the funds to cover the gap between tuition and actual cost of running their school? This answer is, in short, donations. Community donations can even help keep tuition costs lower and more affordable for families.

How can I Help a Private School Fundraise?

Now, you may be asking, “Okay, so what can I do to help?” There are many ways that you can help a non-profit private school raise funds. This could be setting up one-time or requiring cash donations – or sharing their donation page with your friends, family, and community. Did you know some companies will even match the donation amount of their employee? Non-profit schools can also take gifts in kind, or service/supply donations – just be sure to ask what they need first. You can even become a sponsor by donating specifically to cover the cost of a student’s tuition or the cost of a specific project.

Support Oak Creek Academy

You can help support Oak Creek Academy by donating through our Network for Good giving campaign, or by sharing our page on social media. We believe that all students deserve the chance to learn in an environment that fosters their social-emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development. All donations go toward furthing the mission and vision of Oak Creek Academy. Your support means the world to a child who needs an encouraging environment to learn, grow, and succeed.   




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