This inclusion school is the only one of its kind in Central Texas. So what makes our school so great? First, of the 83 students attending the school, over 92% have some form of special needs, with more than 77% of the children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Second, our non-traditional classrooms provide these students what they need to learn and succeed. Too often traditional school settings try to put a square peg into the round hole. But, at Oak Creek Academy, we understand that every child is unique and learns differently! We hope you decide to join our family here at OCA!

After eight years as an educator, Tracy Hanson opened The Education Connection, a child development center for children six weeks to four years old. As Tracy took note of the increasingly changing needs of the children in her center, she realized she wanted do more to provide non-traditional instruction for these exceptional students. Thus, Oak Creek Academy was founded, an inclusion school that provides a safe and encouraging learning environment where students are able to receive the extra support they need. Since 2013, The Oak Creek Community has dedicated its efforts to providing year round schooling for exceptional children in the greater Killeen area. Getting away from the traditional school setting, our school gives students the opportunity to grow academically at their level of learning!

It is the belief of Oak Creek Academy that every child deserves a high-quality academic program that addresses the social-emotional, language, cognitive, and physical aspects of a student’s development. Using research-based curriculum, formal and informal assessments, effective teaching practices are implemented to fit the individual child. We further believe that the aspects of a student’s identity including race, religion, language, family structure, political beliefs and heritage play a significant role in our program and are incorporated into our curriculum. We invite all parents and members of the community to actively participate and share information with us. 

Our classrooms feature low student to teacher ratio, and are taught by a highly-qualified teachers and paraprofessionals. Students are taught using individualized, differentiated instruction methods using an array of curriculum. Our student body is made up of all students: neurotypical, gifted/talented, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, down syndrome and any other ability a student may have. With lower student to teacher ratios, one-on-one and small group instruction are common practices. Support from 40 plus therapists is available if needed to support student learning in the classroom. Therapists, teachers, and parents collaborate to enhance the success of the student.


Oak Creek Academy empowers a community of learners in an enriching, non-traditional learning environment. Our students receive individualized, differentiated instruction to meet specific learning goals and needs. Oak Creek Academy educates children with all abilities. Partnering with families, therapists, and others involved with the child’s success, the quality of the child’s experience is maximized. Therapists are welcome to work in and out of the classrooms to meet the individual needs of the children. Believing that all children can learn, we strive daily to create a program of excellence.


Oak Creek Academy believes that all children with all abilities can be successful in a stimulating environment that provides exploration and unique opportunities for learning. We are an inclusion school that creates non-traditional learning environments that focus on celebrating what is unique about each child. All of this is made possible with the on-going support of therapists, assistants, teachers, and parents. Explore everything we have to offer your child as they grow throughout the years. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the OCA family.

Students at School

Oak Creek

The Oak Creek inclusion school includes inclusive classrooms for pre-k to 12. OCA gives students the opportunity to grow academically at their level of learning in a positive, encouraging environment.

Educations Connection

Education Connection

Education Connection is for early childhood, 6 wks to 5 yrs of age. Our EC classrooms are built to meet the social, emotional, & developmental needs of your child as he or she grows and learns. 

Elite Therapy at Oak Creek Academy

On-Site Therapy Services

If your child has a therapists, they collaborate with teachers and parents to help your child succeed. These services are provided at school through local agencies, which helps minimize missed class time. 

Learning Life Skills at School

Before & After School Program

We also offer before and after school care for our students, as our staff continues to provide a positive and meaningful environment for your child. This is separate from Education Connection and the Academy.


Many that come to us seeking a non-traditional learning environment are not able to afford tuition at an inclusion school like Oak Creek Academy. We are also entirely funded through parent and community contributions – with no government funding. Please consider one of the several options for giving through our network for good charity page. With your contribution we are able to continue blessing the families and students within our community.

(Gifts are tax deductible and a letter will be sent to you with the amount and tax id number.)