Here are a few words our families use to describe Oak Creek Academy. They love us, their kids love us, and we know your family will, too!
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Oak Creek Academy has provided my son with a positive and encouraging learning environment. This is a place that he feels safe and secure – and for a child with anxiety that means the world. He has increased in his confidence when completing daily tasks and has made tremendous academic and social progress. We quickly saw an increase in desirable behaviors, manners, flexibility, patience, social skills, empathy, etc. – and a sharp decrease in undesirable behaviors such as meltdowns and lashing out. I can honestly say my son would not be where he is today without the loving support of Oak Creek Academy staff and teachers. I walked through the hallway this afternoon, and what I learned is that Oak Creek is everything that a school is supposed to be. You can see projects proudly hung on the walls. You can hear children laughing, talking, and learning. They are practicing social skills and how to express empathy, compassion, and understanding. There is a child on a swing in the doorway of a classroom, where movement is allowed and encouraged. Therapists are speaking words of encouragement as their child makes progress towards their goals. It is a place where your heart feels inexpressibly happy knowing that the children within these walls are loved unconditionally.

- r. lang

“When people say it takes a village, they are right. Oak Creek Academy has been our village for the past year. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The facility has so many amazing people who truly take care of my kids and are dedicated to their success. I can’t say enough good things about it and the people that work there. It’s truly amazing when you can feel like you leave your kids with family.”

- C.T./Military Family

“My son has been blessed to attend Oak Creek Academy for the last two years. As a neuro-typical child, he is allowed to learn beside his peers with unique abilities. In the inclusive environment, he has learned unconditional love, patience, acceptance, and selflessness. He has soared academically and socially. Oak Creek is for everyone and any child that gets to experience this school will be very fortunate.”

- Lauren G.

“Oak Creek Academy Founder and Staff (Teachers & Therapy companies) have been wonderful and life changing for my family after our PCS move back to Ft. Hood late spring of last year. Our six-year-old son has blossomed and learned so much academically, emotionally and even physically. The entire school climate is fun, loving and nurturing to both students and parents alike. They are the only and best private school in Killeen for any child; especially the ones with special powers to feel included and loved throughout the specialized and detailed education plan that empowers not only to be academically successful but to be successful in life. They provide a great community of teachers and staff that communicate and collaborate with the parents to provide the behavioral and educational experience to ensure each child gets exactly what they need to be a great student as well as a future productive citizen of society. They teach the students about humanity by participating in numerous charities and events throughout the year. My son has gained so much confidence, courage, and self-control over this past year. I am so thankful for this institution and the way they transform the lives of students that most schools and society will sometimes brush aside. Please check out this educational institution for your child, you will not regret it!

- The Colley Family

“Before we enrolled our child into Oak Creek Academy, we experienced a lot of trying and frustrating moments dealing with his past schools. We always wanted to find a school that would fit our child’s special needs. We found everything we hoped for, and so much more. They really focus on his individual needs. Since being a part of the Oak Creek family our child has grown and blossomed in ways we never imagined. Thank you form the bottom of our hearts, for putting our family first.”

- Vivian C.

“ In short, I felt that my children were loved and safe in this environment. Please know that I would not have been able to perform my duties in my career serving military families if it were not for the care that you all took of my children and for the services that you allow to be provided within the organization (i.e. ABA, speech, OT, etc.). Thank you for all you do for the families in the community, especially those with children with special needs. We are truly grateful.”

- A.R./Military Family

I am the spouse of a Disabled Veteran, a full-time mother of a special needs student and a full time employee. Oak Creek has made it possible to be able to keep a full -time job and help care for my disabled veteran who requires substantial medical care himself. With Oak Creek Academy providing all of my son’s therapies on site, I am able to work a full time job and rest assured our son is receiving the best services he needs (Applied Behavior Therapy, Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy). Teachers, staff, administration, and therapists communicate wonderfully with one another and are accommodating. They have been there for our family when needed for emergencies by also providing afterschool and summer care. Having a close knit “family” environment has made things so much easier for our family. We are forever grateful for all the hard work they do. My son’s behaviors are decreasing, his academic progress shows great advancement, he loves attending school and looks forward to his day with his friends.

- Brenda V.

“My 9 year old Autistic son has been going to this school for a short while now. This is the first time EVER he loves going to school!! The staff is so helpful and I absolutely love his teacher. This school is amazing!!!!”

- Jennifer Frerick

“This place has been nothing but a blessing in our life. I love them and trust them fully with the care of my child.”

- M. Davis



Our families love us, and we know you will, too! Thank you to our parents and the community for their ongoing support of the mission and vision of Oak Creek Academy. We are looking forward to being a continued blessing to our families and students. Have a review you’d like to share with us? You can leave one on our Google listing or our Facebook page. We can even feature it on our website.