Oak Creek Academy and the Education Connection Center creates a safe and rewarding learning environment for exceptional students and learners. Our developmentally centered classrooms allow for your child to learn academically and socially, while incorporating important life skills.

You can call our office at 254-526-9299 and set up a tour with our principal, Dr. Tracy. You will be able to see all that Oak Creek offers. Dr. Tracy will also go over the curriculum and costs of the program.
Yes. We have information that can be given during your tour for organizations that give support. Each organization has their own requirements and although there is never a guarantee, everyone is encouraged to apply.
A smaller class size means more individualized instruction. Oak Creek keeps a maximum of 14 students with a teacher and paraprofessional in the room. We also have therapists that push into the classroom to help with students that may need assistance with behaviors that impede their learning.

Inclusion at Oak Creek Academy is defined as peers of
many abilities and the same age learning in the same classroom environment.

Yes. There is a weekly discount for siblings.

Oak Creek teaches students where they are in their learning. Once an assessment is given upon enrollment, the teacher can write an academic plan to suit the needs of the student. Oak Creek strives to fill in the learning gaps to help students achieve success. Curriculum is designed around the ability of the student.
Life skills is a natural part of the learning process and is incorporated into the everyday curriculum. Students learn to serve one another at meal times, wash dishes, and prepare meals by learning to cut vegetables, fruits, etc. Students in higher grades help in the office, with landscaping, janitorial skills, volunteering at the Food Care Center and other community places.

Most field trips are designed around the curriculum and what is being studied.
It is important to connect learning with real life when possible. Other “fun”
field trips are great opportunities for social interaction and relationship

We have an amazing Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that will get you connected and involved. Parents are asked to volunteer eight hours per semester. We have frequent opportunities for involvement. It is also a great way to get to know other parents.
Different environments are good for all of us. Some of us thrive in a smaller more intimate setting. Our school is individualized. This means that the teacher does not teach to the norm in the class. Students are taught at their level regardless of grade level.


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