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Why teaching Life Skills is important

Oak Creek Academy staff members feel that field experiences are very important to expose students to. We teach our students many life skills by going on field trips, gardening, hands-on-activities, yoga, structured physical activities, and talent shows. Here are a few of the life skills your child will have incorporated into their normal daily activities. 

how we do it

Here are just a few of the ways we incorporate life skills into your child’s days

Arts & Gardening

We encourage our youth to engage in arts and build upon their cultural awareness. Whether through visual arts, writing, or performing, youth are free to build on their talents. Gardening and arts provide hands-on sensory immersion, allowing children to explore in a safe and educational environment.

Gardening Life Skills at Oak Creek Academy

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates guide children towards physical, emotional and cognitive growth all at once. They build core strength, patience, and focus.  Yoga and Pilates empower your child, meeting them at their current level of functioning and moving them forward towards achievable goals.

Yoga at Oak Creek Academy

Daily living skills

Oak Creek facilitates success and independence through daily living routines. These include activities that relate to personal care and functional mobility, and activities that relate to household or community-based tasks. Therapists and teachers collaborate to maximize independence and help students overcome any areas of difficulty.

Learning Life Skills at Oak Creek Academy

Talent Shows

Our school’s talent show helps kids build up their confidence. We hold an annual talent show, and the teachers and kids alike enjoy the time spent together making the show happen. 

Montessori Classes

Montessori classrooms provide a multi-sensory and hand-son learning environment. Montessori education theory recognizes that each child learns differently and at their own pace. Your child receives individualized instruction and benchmarks, matched to his or her unique developmental level, learning style, and interests.

Student Montessori Class Oak Creek Academy

recess & socializing

The teachers of Oak Creek Academy guide their students through two recesses daily. in a structured recess emphasizing team building, cooperation, and sportsmanship. The second recess is the student’s free choice where they have the option between bike riding, basketball, gardening, creative play, and more.
Education Connection Chalk Recess

Reading buddies

Oak Creek also has a reading buddies program, where the older kids are encouraged to read to our little ones. The older kids get to practice their reading and the younger kids get to look up to them. So much emotional, social, and academic growth happens during these beautiful moments. 

Reading Buddy Program


We are a pre-k through grade 12 non-profit school and developmental center serving exceptional learners in the Killeen, Texas area. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Oak Creek family.