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When it comes to therapy, children with special needs may struggle to generalize the skills he or she works on with a specialist during therapy to other times and places. Having the opportunity to practice skills in their daily routines and environments is an important part of the therapy process. Therapists working within classroom routines have the real life perspective and context needed to assess a child’s area of need. This gives the therapist more opportunities to collaborate with teachers, increase repetition and practice of skills, and provide additional sources of motivation for the child. 

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Here is a list of therapy providers to contact about speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, behavioral therapy and counseling. Therapists are able to work directly with your child either in the classroom or in a designated therapy area. They will work with your child’s teacher to monitor and access skill progress and implementation of therapy techniques. Each therapy center can provide you information regarding their specific referral process, insurances accepted, evaluations and appointment times.
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Mission: Elite Therapy Center is a team of over 60 certified therapists and administrative professionals helping our clients achieve their full potential by providing quality and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to meet their unique needs. Our team approach promotes collaboration with families, physicians, and schools. By setting the highest ethical standard for our associates, clients, and ourselves, we are equipped to establish and uphold a reputation of clinical excellence with a personal touch.           

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Mission: We provide exemplary ABA therapy in the Central Texas area to individuals with disabilities, as well as support and train family members. We strive to teach independent skills that will enable our clients to achieve an overall better quality of life through the use of the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis, which are based on decades of scientific research. Our mission is to support behavioral health, well-being, and growth of PEOPLE — clients, team members, and the communities we serve.