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What can oak creek do for your child?

Oak Creek Academy’s goal is to provide your child with a high-quality learning program that fosters their social-emotional growth, and addresses the cognitive and physical aspects of your child’s development. We achieve this goal by partnering with therapy providers that incorporate your child’s speech, physical, occupational and ABA therapies into their educational settings. Integrating private therapy services into their school day means that precious instructional time or quality family time isn’t missed traveling to and from appointments. Oak Creek Academy is the only school in the state of Texas that provides all the education and any specialized therapies your child may need under one roof.


Oak Creek

The Oak Creek private school includes inclusive classrooms for pre-k through grade 12. Our school gives students the opportunity to grow academically at their level of learning in a positive, encouraging environment.


Education Connection

Education Connection is for early childhood, 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Our EC classrooms are built to meet the social, emotional, and developmental needs of your child as he or she grows and learns.

Elite Therapy at Oak Creek Academy

On-Site Therapy Services

If your child has a therapists, they collaborate with teachers and parents to help your child succeed. These services are provided at school through local agencies, which helps minimize missed class time. 


before & After School Program

We also offer before and after school care for our students, as our staff continues to provide a positive and meaningful environment for your child. This is separate from Education Connection and the Academy.


We are a pre-k through grade 12 non-profit school and developmental center serving exceptional learners in the Killeen, Texas area. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Oak Creek family.